Carla Sarvis, a native San Franciscan, has worked in the creative process much of her life. Growing up in the Italian neighborhood of North Beach, Carla was immersed in folk and classical music, modern dance, and the family's progressive politics. This early multi-disciplinary exposure helped her cultivate a broad range of artistic sensibilities. She went on to become active in theater arts, where she taught theater classes privately and was a professional actor and stage director for ten years in the city. In 1983, she married and in 1986 her son, Miles, was born. When he began pre-school, Carla developed a long career in nonprofit arts administration, grant writing, arts education and women and girls programming.

In 2003, Carla longed to put down the computer and reconnect artistically but this time, instead of continuing in the performing arts, she gravitated to the visual arts. Having always been drawn to Mexican and Malibu tiles, she took a workshop in tile making. A mosaic glass workshop introduced her to the compelling world of glass and her journey as a serious glass artist started to unfold. When a move out of the city became inevitable, Carla and Alan found a cottage in Forestville and here she set up a professional studio, opened her business -- SARVIS GLASS -- and began to meet and collaborate with the substantial arts community in West Sonoma County. In 2017, Carla expanded her studio efforts into Mendocino County.

Carla Sarvis

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